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Google has rolled out the latest update to Analytics – version 4. This release is an expansion and rebrand of the App + Web property launched last year and is the first step towards evolving beyond standard analytics.

New AI-powered insights and predictions.

Machine learning has been in analytics for some time now but the new insights and predictions that have come into play can start to alert you to data trends, such as a surge in demand for a product you sell for example. This technology is also used to predict outcomes, such as potential revenue a business could earn from a particular segment of customers. This can really help you push your content / advertising for those higher value audiences.

Deeper integration with Google Ads

You can now focus your Google Ad campaigns based on data from the new version of Analytics so you can really focus your ads to the specific audience demographic that the insights and predictions predicts. You can also now measure web and app integrations as one, which means you can see how your ads are doing across all products like YouTube video views, Google and non-Google paid channels, Google Search and social media.

Codeless event tracking

Expanded codeless feautres make it easier for you to track and measure site & app actions that matter, in real time. You’ll be able to monitor activities such as page scroll or video play, without having to add code or set up painful event tracking actions in Google Tag Manager.

Should you care?

The new Google Analytics 4 property provides a more complete view of the customer lifecycle and puts that information to use with predictive marketing features, providing you with more information and better ways to act on it.

Google Analytics 4 will be the default option when you set up a new property. Universal Analytics, will will be available, but Google recommends site owners set up both property types and run them in parallel. New feature development will be focused on GA4.