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We all seem to be working from home a little more these days and the change is nice, but there’s someone who’s a bit confused by it all…

Your furry friend used to have to entertain themselves 9-5, so is it any wonder they can’t quite believe their luck that you’re around so much more? They’re excitable, getting up to all sorts of mischief, and generally just causing chaos. It was cute at first, but now you need to get on with your work. Here’s 4 quick and easy things you can do to make it happen.

Get up 30 mins earlier

I know you don’t want to get up, but that energetic four-legged friend of yours will appreciate the extra walk first thing. It may just tire them out long enough so you can finish that report that’s been dragging on.

Hand over some frozen food treats for video calls

You don’t want to be the person in the office who’s always wrestling something furry off of the keyboard. Keep a supply of secret treats they won’t be able to resist and they won’t care what you’re up to.

Treat them to a few new toys

Keeping the best toys hidden away until you have to work is a great way to divert their attention. That way they’ll think of all the fun they’ll have when they see you open the laptop, and they won’t care that you seem to be ignoring them.

Make time for play Last but not least, wouldn’t it be better if you could skip those boring lunch convos and roll around on the living room floor with your four-legged friend? Now that you’re working from home you can, so enjoy it!