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It is an easy trap to fall into, you spend a lot of money on a shiny website, have all the best intentions of updating it. You start off telling all your customers about the great work you’re doing and amazing products you’re creating but then a year later nothing. Your website just sits there digitally gathering dust. we’ve outlined a couple of things below that will give you an indication of whether your website needs a revamp or just some TLC.

Is your website out of date?

Your website should be the main platform for telling your customers what you have been up to. If your website shows your ‘latest news’ and hasn’t been updated for a few months, it is probably doing you more harm than good.

Along with the content you need to make sure the look and feel of the website is updated regularly and doesn’t look outdated in its style either because web design trends are always changing. If your design is looking out of date then it can make it look like your business is no longer open.

If it has been a while since you have updated the content or design of your site get in touch with us and see how we can help.

Is your website hard to use?

If users find your website hard to use or even confusing they won’t bother spending time trying to figure it out, they’ll just go to your competitors instead. Your website needs to be as user friendly as possible, getting your users straight to where they want to go.

A good indication of how your users browse your site would be Google analytics or HotJar. If you haven’t got these installed you can set them up quite easily by signing up to their applications and adding some scripts to your site. You’ll be able to see the weak points and work on them.

Mobile Friendly?

Web traffic has changed over the years. These days more users are using mobiles and tablets. Approximately 51% of global web traffic is mobile based (excluding tablets) and has been hovering around the 50% mark since 2017.

Because of this it is vital that your website performs well on mobile. Gone are the days of having a separate mobile website to your main website, these days everything is responsive so your site will look the more or less the same on mobile to desktop. If your website doesn’t perform overly well on mobile give us a call and we can help get it up to scratch get increase your customer base tenfold.