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This week (June 1 – June 7) is volunteers week across the UK. People who volunteer their time are absolutely amazing. They give up their spare time to do such a wide range of tasks / jobs etc and honestly, it is brilliant. This week is a chance to celebrate and say thank you for the contribution millions of volunteers make across the UK.

During this coronavirus pandemic thousands of people have signed up to volunteer their time and skills to help the country with tasks such as delivering medicines and supplies to the vulnerable, making PPE equipment for key workers and helping with transportation to / from hospitals for the ill just to name a few.

Here at Bridge Digital Agency we have been really pushing to help small businesses either take their business online for the first time or really push the growth of their web presence. We’ve successfully taken on more projects than normal and delivered our same level of customer satisfaction as we normally would. Now it is our turn to give something back in honour of volunteers week.

We are looking to connect with charities who want or need to push their online capabilities. We want to help you promote your cause, connect with people and grow as much as possible. We are offering massive discounts on projects, or in some cases even completely free, as our way of giving back a little.

Please take a moment to recognise and thank those around you who volunteer their spare time, no matter how small, as it really makes a difference, and more importantly #HelpEachOther